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Recruiting the Right People​

Recruiting the Right People

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Recruiting the Right People Can Have Significant Impact on the Success of Your Marketing Efforts.

Like so many offices, you may be struggling to fill open positions when it’s easier to fill those roles with frantic hiring decisions so you can get back to focusing on patients. When looking for new hires how much have you thought about what an ideal candidate would look like, no matter what position you’re hiring for?

In this interactive 45-minute webinar, Dr. Gerilyn Alfe hosts “How to Hire Right the First Time!” Topics covered include:

  • The true cost of turnover 
  • Tips for crafting highly effective job descriptions and ads
  • How to evaluate applications and conduct successful interviews

Dr. Alfe knows, first-hand, how challenging it can be to find 5-star employees. Contact Dr. Alfe today to schedule a consultation.