I have known Gerilyn for quite some time now and have worked with her on a number of dental projects and expect to do many more in the future! Gerilyn really stands out in our profession in a number of ways. As a clinician and practice owner, she paid close attention to EVERY DETAIL of her office like few others do — from the amenities she offered for patient convenience and comfort, to the decor of the office, to the materials, supplies, technologies, and equipment she used and offered and of course, to the actual clinical treatment she rendered. Outside of the practice, she is recognized as a leading speaker, educator, and seminar leader, working with some of the industry’s top companies representing innovative products and technologies. Gerilyn’s credibility as a clinician combined with her no-nonsense, straightforward approach to presenting information to attendees of her programs is a breath of fresh air and something that is greatly needed in our industry! In summary, Gerilyn’s knowledge and passion about anything that is associated with progressive dentistry is unmatched. If you are a colleague, attend one of her programs! If you are a dental company, consider bringing Gerilyn in as a speaker and/or KOL!

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